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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy easter, Toinen Keksi...and a chance to pre-order the new book

After one midweek wondering in Paris, spending time at and enjoying the children-festival "Les premieres rencontres", forum and Grundtvig meetings, I have to admit, I came home longing for the calmth of the forrest.

Paris was very busy, exciting especially having to find my way all by myself (luckily sometimes with the help from well organized lovely German people) from the middle of the city towards all kinds of places. There are busses, Metros ,RER s, trains, taxis...
One big web. That s how I felt after a week, I was pushing myself through this web all the time, so I could hardly hear my own thoughts.

But the artists, organizers,...I met where so good to meet. I got new points of view, new idea s , and overall it was wonderful to meet people on the same wavelength with the same interest and similar work-processes, from all over the world. With the main priority: " How important it is for children to get a chance to be in contact with art and creativity" It was good to hear about different systems, shortages and strengths in each country.

But, coming home meant the chickenpox, so my feet back on the ground and "arki" as the call it in Finish...

Our cafe, Toinen Keksi, will be closed today, to be reopened in a few weeks, just across the street. I have to admit, it hurts a little... but things change.
Now waiting for guests to come we will try to spent easter in a calm atmosphere.

Our new book "Miten Mörkö kesytetään" (Minttu Vettenterä), went to print:
now you can pre-order it, get both our signature and for the price of 20 e.
If you are interested, please sen me an e-mail:

A happy, relaxing, warm easter to all of you!