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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New cards

The last few weeks I ve been working on a new series of cards. My head seems to be full of magical stuff at the moment. No wonder as kids are sending me al kinds of magic in the form of bewitchments (reading just a bit to much Harry Potter and other fantasiebooks)
But here they are, for sale on internet and soon in shops in Somero/Salo...


The coming weeks will be filled with so many different things that my head starts spinning. But later more about that.

In July, it will be holiday!!!!!
A lovely summer to all

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Lately, I ve been working on different things at the same time, it seems to work the best for me. There s card designs, projects in daycares, summerexhibitions to come, a logo...but most of all I hope to get this manusript illustrated by the autum. It s about "Little monsters in our mind". I love the way the autor divided them into groups, gave them their own caracters and wrote the stories with it, The idea that we create ,in our mind, our own colorfull mosters, and project them in daily life, but most of all I like the little tricks you can try out, to get rid of them...