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Keanne•bits: artist/illustrator & proud mother of 3 • living in a town called Somero • Dutch, grew up in Belgium, moved to Finland in 1999

Social orientated projects

Young and old

On wensday I had the pleasure to work with children and elderly, both separated and together.

The morning I worked in our local pre-school, having 12 students. We talked about daily struggles, as not getting on your shoes, missing socks, to heavy backpacks, footballs witch are broken, spilling milk, fights, ...all kind of things witch in a way can be funny for us adults, but slightly frustrating for the little ones. 
Then we started drawing on big papers on the floor. The idea was to create, in little groups, machines/devices witch could help practically, but also could give courage. We draw and used collage materials. Amazing creations can from it. Thanks to all children and 2 helpful teachers. 
The drawings will serve as material for a new book we will start working on with Minttu Vettenterä.

In the afternoon We gathered in Tervaskannon elderly-house, 5 children and 5 elderly. This is part of a project I have been during this springtime, funded by  Taiteen edistämiskeskus. 

We travelled under the sea and created a world of our ow on a big paper. It was wonderful to see, first hesitating elderly, suddenly grabbing a pen and starting drawing and painting. The conversation between the kids and elderly was priceless and the children asked me when they could come again. It crosses my mind sometimes why daycares and care-houses can t be in the same area...

I loved this day!



in 2013 I participated in a project orientated to support artist in their work in elderlyhouses. the main thought is to help artist to create clear concepts and to find ways for artist and caretakers to communicate on a same level, to find each other.

My part of the project: Cofeecup-worlds
I developed a box, made of recycling materials with 12 round sense-cards and some other objects to stimulate senses. The idea is to create cofee-table moments, to get conversation going and at the same time stimulate different senses. I noticed daily life starts to look quite the same every day in these residences, same people, same surroundings, same smells...
and something new, something strange, at the same time formiliar...can make a world of difference.

The box contains a package with simple idea s  to start with and is more a idea box then a box with ready instructions. 
Each group of people, each person of age is different, as we are all.
the box can be bought (each one a bit different), rented with or without workshops.

If you are interested, please contact me:

l ll gladly send some more information!!

Social orientated projects

Since 2004 I have actively involved in social orientated projects.
It started with an EU project (Glitterbird), art for the very young. Since I have been organising workshops, been involved in Aurinkoinen Tulevaisuus (Lasten Aurinkojuhla: Ekological workshops for children) and started to organise Lasten Kukkajuhla in Somero since 2006. 

Between 2009 and 2012 I have been part of 3 EU- projects, all approaching art and children. 

•Hymykuoppa was 3 year lasting project in which I got the chance to work with SI therapist Sirpa Kauranen, woring with children with minor difficulties.

•Salon Kummitaiteilija (Polku) was a project in which artists visited schools for 1-4 weeks and builded projects together with the children and teachers. 

Grundtvig (Meetings of points of view and writing around the early childhood in Europe) was an adult learning project I got the chance to be part of.

This year (2013) I will be a part of Osaamispolku in Turku,  a project where we search for better ways to get co operations between art and well-being (mostly pointed to elderly care)

These projects are very important to me. I feel it s essential to me, as an artist, to keep wondering, "What am I doing as an artist and as a person", and at the same time, "How can my art be a part of society and from that, help others"

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