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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keanne • art and Illustration: A lovely wens day morning

Keanne • art and Illustration: A lovely wens day morning: Yes it is heating up outside, already - 10 degrees, and the sun is shining. The last 2 weeks has been below -15,-20 all the time. My brain...

A lovely wens day morning

Yes it is heating up outside, already - 10 degrees, and the sun is shining. The last 2 weeks has been below -15,-20 all the time. My brains slowly started to get frozen. But towards warmer feelings now.

The beginning of the year seems for many artist a starting point of new projects, but also quite some insecurity as grants applications/ publishers answers... haven t come in yet. 
It s like you have to imagine all the projects on your desk will come through this year, and go for it.
At the same time, you know perhaps none of them will or they will, all at the same time :). 

But it s good that we have a lot of imagination, so after a few weeks of doing bookkeeping, planning new projects and applying for them at the same time, I start to get warmed up and start at the top of my list. I ll let you know in the coming months what happens.
At the moment our sweet children theatre play is still running. We carefully started with a few performances, but it seems like we will be doing some more soon. 
It s an experimental play based on both Andrea Vannucchi s photographic work and my drawings, and object-theatre in addition to that, using an old fashion projector. 
The play is without speech. 2 characters, a brother and a sister, go through the day and their play. But everything seems to go backwards. The dreamy music/sound-world from LauNau combined with our colourful yet sensitive visual world and the fine humour of the characters, make a perfect combination, creating a whole new world on it s own. 
Friday and sunday are the last performance days for now, you can still book seats:


Lately I have been thinking about how the economy is constantly pushing us to buy more/do more/ get bigger/be up to date ...and if you look at the result in the world, you might realise it s getting scary proportions. It s almost like you re captured in it and you will be immediately notified if your not allowed on that boat anymore. You will be ignored, excluded and are officially "not cool". "One minute you re in, the next you will be out". It s very powerful, and also feeding itself on people s biggest fear, "to be alone".

Yet I think there s much more to life, and actually, you will survive if you do it your own way.
Maybe not in the way people will think you are cool, but as a bonus you will be really connected with yourself, your friends, your surroundings...whether it are a lot of people because you are very social, or only with a few because you are not. The question "what do you really need in your life" may have become one of the most important you can ask yourself nowadays.

Therefore I loved watching this documentary:


Inspired by it, I draw my own little balloon- house:

Now I m of to the sun (getting some woods to warm our little house :)