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Monday, December 17, 2012

Lists of feelings!

Somehow I have been thinking I should write my last blog this year, but already a few days, I can t get my finger on the item at all.
I think at least I figured out why:) 

Yesterday I started making new lists "to do" for this last bit of the year, during my sleep I continued to do so(yep) and now I m…. so sleepy:). 
But at least the lists are on the table and started. And suddenly I realise the enormous chaos I felt around me lately.

It s strange to just go on. So many things happening at the moment in the world, which give people reasons to be scared, grieve, to be angry, sad and lost.  Systems fall down, trees, houses…It feels almost like, when you as a child builded a high tower of blocks, and suddenly a little brother/sister came to push it down, just on the moment your thinking, NOW I m where I want to be.

But actually maybe to many towers are not all right, maybe time is creating bit by bit new possibilyty s s for us, to balance things again and build a new foundation from these blocks again. 
At least this is how I decided to see things for the moment, and wishing everyone who needs it, the strength to find new possibility s in the coming year.

Lots of warmth to all, 
see you next year!