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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A weekend at the sea side !

Havent you been to Teijo or Matildedal yet this summer, I recommand to make a trip in that direction this weekend!

In Mathildedal my exhibition "Olipa kerran" is still running. I dropped of some new cards and extra books in the "mini-store" attached to my exhibition, welcome!
The place is surrounded with other activities. There s the harbour and a beach, some lovely new and old furniture stores, a café with a nice atmosphere, alpaka-store+ animals present, a nice restaurant and beautifull surroundings to make a walk.

In Masuuni itself there s a hand and craft shop, ceramics, antique store and an art gallery. The old church you can visit is just around the corner. More info about our café in Teijo you find: https://www.facebook.com/TeijonMasuuni

This sunday there will be a mini-festival at Masuuni, with some inspiring, experimental music and dance from artist from Salo, Teijo and Kemiö...
Also there will be a workshop for children, so the whole family is welcome and entry is free!

So if you can t figger out what to do this weekend...
now you might be tempted do something to sharpen your sences :)


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