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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wens-day= "in between"

So we 're here again!
Wens-day seems to be the day for me, I m usaly the less creative and productive.
It s like I wonder around in conversations, on the phone, on the internet, and even in my own mind. It s like my head searches for silence. I even woke up this night to have a half hour of "silence", and so I slept on after that.
But soon, in an hour, the house will be full with voices again, which are not mine...:)

Maybe it s also, because so many things are again moving at the same time, somewhere,  but I can t see any destination yet.
There 's about 3-4 new projects to come. I should make plans for that, decide things...It s like they all have a fight in the back of my head: which one is getting the attention first,...well can t they find a way to work together!

This week is the "day of cards", from Paletti in Hameenlinna on Saturday.
And there s, perhaps most exciting, my bus-project, which soon will be finished, but isn 't yet completely.
Next week on the program are our new play "Inside out and the other way around" and preparing for the workshops (schools) on the program.

Yesterday I v got 2 positive feed backs in a short time, one for the cover of the new c.d. I designed for Sid Hille (http://www.satnamusic.fi/), and the other positive thing is that I got selected for the second time to "Key Colours", a illustration competition in Belgium.
I think we artist working at home, all experience this once in a while: we feel like nothing goes forward, you wonder "what am I actually doing?", and then suddenly there s a direction again that makes sense. Or I guess, it s like that for every one.
Comes to mind, In salo there s a wonderful project going on:
(Kulttuuri- ja hyvinvointikeskus Villi)
Its like a pop up cultural centre, for one month. people get moving/share/ open up. As I was talking with one fellow artist who is having a atelier there now, it s what we miss once in a while, to work in a place where people move, give idea s comments....

But... now it 's wens-day, my head is really not working. I m in between.
Today I had to use my hands some more in a practical way, to find a balance, and also prepared everything for Saturday.

Welcome to dive into the world of cards, many sellers/card-artist/collectors/exhibition will be there....! saterday from  10-16h


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