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Friday, September 14, 2012

Nothing to show for/ a process

This week was very a very productive one, but yet I have nothing to show for.
Showing things seems so important nowadays: showing you can or did , showing you won, showing you 're better, or even that you 're/have it worse...

This is what we forget so often: the process behind the showing, is the important thing that makes us present and feeling happy.
It s the actually "permanent thing. There s always the ever moving process we are in and part of.  Finished product are just finished in that particular moment, winning just lasts a second, a positive reaction is wiped away by a negative one in no time... those moments are gone before you know it  till the next one.
Yet it s often the idea of that product or achievement that keeps us moving forward.
Maybe it s a mix of knowing/excepting how to be in a process, and otherwise daring to be challenged by outside idea s and goals yet to be reached.

So therefore, today, I continue my process to get somethings finished again, and wish you all very much good luck with yours!


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