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Monday, October 7, 2013

Exhibitions, bookfair and new things coming

The last 2 months have been very busy.

I was happy to be part of two exhibitions (group-exhibition in Perniö, Salo, Helsinki)  and closing my own one in Matlidedall.

Mostly I m amazed of how much effort was put in those, which I appreciate very much. It feels that in times of crises, creativity lives quite intensively. Creative People, are giving people, and clearely, when things are difficult in our surroundings, supporting each other.
I enjoy this breath of fresh air!

The end of last week and the weekend went mostly to the Turku book-fair, where our little town of Somero was main guest, together with America. I might have been a bit dissappointed about the part orientated to children and youngsters, as it was put into a cold corner, not worthy presented.

But it was very nice to be part and to feel some appreciation from close surroundings, and at the same time see how actively people are actually writing, making books in this area! We have poets, writers of table-books, Novel-writers, photographers, a well known cartoon-artist and me as part for the childrens books. Quite an achievement for a town having less then 10 000 inhabitants.

This week, finishing my elderly project (Osamispolku) and working on my marketingplan is next.
And then I start planning after-autumn-holliday workshops and some new book-relating projects, looking forward to that!


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