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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A happy new year to everyone!

Back home from our trip, still waiting for suitcases. But at least they are spotted in Helsinki, and might be here in a day or 2.

I started to work since yesterday.
It was a bit like a jump into a cold pool.
But the fresh air starts to fill me up and idea s start to float again. It was good to, yesterday , do all kinds of preparing and practical things as making a clear planning for the coming half year. It start s to get full quite quickly and I m happy to have so many nice people to work with.
First of all, I was invited to participate in the lovely owl-project, you can spot in my sidebar.
Works for the 45-v anniversary of our art association in Salo, starts to get form. Next I will continue the new book-project I started already a bit before the end of last year.

I m very lucky to get the chance to get a book published, from which story and pictures are both mine. I have always been very insecure about writing, still am, but last year I felt like, why not try! 
And it worked in it s own way. Maybe it s a bit like when I say to people in courses: "everyone is creative and everyone can draw, in it s own way". And that process is way more important then how skilled or talented someone is. That s where we learn and find common language.
Maybe I can write in that way, who knows :)

Tomorrow, I get to paint in the elder-house again, it s great we can continue this project already for 3-4 years, and it s starts to look that cosy and colourful in there, that I silently start to hope to get to live there when I m old and have forgotten everyones name.

Hoping a wonderfull start for each and every one of you!