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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Waking up from a winter-sleep

Snow hasn t melt away yet, as it s colder then the usual march, but i guess it will at some point.
Today the light turns to the north, and this morning we were all awake at 6. This would nt have happened a month ago! It s amazing what the light does to your brains. At the same time it s lovely, like a light switched on and more air to breath, but at the same time it itches your eyes as it s a lot at once to take in . 
 But slowly we are getting used again , and if , soon, a bit of warmth comes with it, I ll be all happy and shinny again ready for spring plans.

The end of the winter I used to finish the book-projects. 
2 books will be published by Aurinkokustannus somewhere in the autumn, and one book will be published in Belgium by Clavis.

About publishing: someone pointed out this week, the situation of getting to find a publisher, wich is a wonderfull feeling when you get that kind of news.  But next to it is the large amount of work, and mostly the situation not to get grants for it, as you would have hoped. Even if you made a tons of applications.
So basicly, if you count the hours and the small author-rights compensation you get  throught the publisher, you can t say you do this otherwise then because you love doing it in the end. 
But it does weigh in the process and I keep wondering, while everryone says this is not right, while making efforts to change this, protest against this, creative people seem to be stuck in this for now. Is it because we love it, we don t deserve a proper fee above it? What do you think? 

But putting this a side again:
Now it s time for future plans. A few weeks ago I started in the project Osamispolku in Turku. 
It s a beautiful project. The idea to stimulate/create better ways for the artistic and care-taking world to collaborate.
We are a nice group of 9 and the group is very inspiring as there s different disciplines involved and the artists experienced. 

Also I started to plan a book-series with Jody Merelle, who moved to Somero a few years ago. She is half Finish, half English and we found a common idea, we are working on at the moment. This is also very exciting, not telling to much yet! 
We at least hope to get something ready for the Turku- book-fair in autumn.

For today, I ll clean my desk, make some sketches and handle some paperwork and orders.

Lot s of light to all!

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