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Friday, August 16, 2013

From summer to autumn

This week felt like a storm gone by. Lot s of little things moved forward.
You know that feeling that all things seem stuck at the same time and suddenly get moving just at the same time. Well, on a personal level, my youngest one left to preschool, so now I m suddenly , in one days time, a big boys mother!

On a work level, I finaly got to present my work to my co-artists and curator in the Osamispolku-project (projects in elderly care). It was very intreaging to notice that the object I created, was understood quite well, and awoke positive feelings without explanations. Also the new idea s they gave me where very inspiring and usefull. Yes, working together brings more!  In a few weeks it will be tested, but more news about this later.

An other surpise was that the Salo librarybus, I finished illustrating just a year ago, was chosen to be the second best bus in Finland, from 20 participants. The buss got many good critiques as well about the outside as the inside of the buss. The buss also has a very friendly team putting a good collection of childrensbooks together each week.

My next book with Minttu is getting form. "Gosts don t believe in...", that s all I ll tell for now :)
Next spring it will be in the shops.

If you havent got any plans for tonight, I recommand to have a trip to Salo (for those living in Finland of course) as a very interesting "OUTLET SALE" of many good Salo artist will take place. There will be also over 60 illustrations from my hand as well, published or unpublished...

Unfortunately I can t make it myself tonight,
but have a nice opening for all who will !


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