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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Autumnvibes 2012

Autumn is in action, wind blows and the days are grey, mornings and evenings dark...
Nature is very powerful,  it suddenly brings down your energy level and makes you aware of your body, and it s limits. It s adjusting -time and also time to take care and keep warm, gettings out candles and woolen socks (actualy, used these also in summer:) and have to admit, choclate is my best friend!

When I m sitting in my workspace, in the middle of the forrest, it almost seems unreal, all the things happening in the world. I open the computer, the radio and things start to pulp out, a regular line of negativity news. It s like a big flood, we are trying desperately to stop, which at the same time seems impossible.

But what we can do is to wake each day again and look at the day as "ours to experience" and "give form", to sharpen our senses, to watch and listen. We can t control nature, we never could. We can t stop every ones hate , pain and disappointments at ones . But each day we can start again and try, that s the gift in live we all got from the start and for as long as we are here.

An other gift we got was the ability to work together, to communicate.
This week there was an interview on tv: an older lady (politician) told she was at a conference, gathering 12 to 30 years old sharing idea s in technology and science. 2 fourteen year old sat besides each-other, one explaining the other the thing he discovered. The older lady sat down and told the one boy, "don t tell him your discovery, he is your competition".
The boy looked at her and said " boy your old fashion, we share nowadays".

These ways of thinking give hope and bring a smile on my face !

Autumngreetings from the forrest!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The library bus (making of)

This autum I got the great opportunity to design/draw the outlook (outside) for the new library buss of Salo. In Finland, there 's library busses driving by schools, daycares and also on private requests to points close to peoples homes, also meant for those who for some reasons have difficulties to travel but love to read. The buss starts driving officialy on monday, and I hope it brings a glimps of positive energy to people around Salo.
But so, here s the making of, in the form of a little slideshow, attached.


(music Selah Sue, Raggamuffin)

Thursday, October 4, 2012


The rest of the autum will be filled with wind, leaves and colours. Projects on my table are a story I wrote myself, beautifully translated in Finish by Hanna van der Steen.... . After a few more drawing the search for a publisher will start and I cross my fingers. I hope to do more projects with Hanna as well. Go and have a look at her blog:

Next week the artist-godmother weeks start again. I will be visiting in 2 schools this autum, and we might be working outside if the weather alows it. I m looking forward to work with children directly again, after a break since spring.

Also Minttu started writing some new material, I love it again and pictures immediately go through my head! This I will start working on at the end of the year, beginning next year.

Autumcolours to you all!