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Thursday, October 4, 2012


The rest of the autum will be filled with wind, leaves and colours. Projects on my table are a story I wrote myself, beautifully translated in Finish by Hanna van der Steen.... . After a few more drawing the search for a publisher will start and I cross my fingers. I hope to do more projects with Hanna as well. Go and have a look at her blog:

Next week the artist-godmother weeks start again. I will be visiting in 2 schools this autum, and we might be working outside if the weather alows it. I m looking forward to work with children directly again, after a break since spring.

Also Minttu started writing some new material, I love it again and pictures immediately go through my head! This I will start working on at the end of the year, beginning next year.

Autumcolours to you all!


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