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Friday, September 21, 2012

New and old things:

Yesterday I got sneak preview of the prints for the bus-project, soon there will be more about that...

Something new is my etsy-shop: I decided to move my web-shop from the currant place to etsy, a warm platform where many people show/sell/communicate about creations of their own hands, made with a lot of care. I recommend this site if you haven t been there yet.
In the mean time my old online-shop will stay open until the end of this year, there will be some discounts on the products present there, more about that later.
Please, welcome to visit this new place, some new items in store...

Also my website got a bit of a different outlook, it s working as a platform of collected links/gallery s. Unjoy my cups!!!

My new book project(s) start to get direction as well, I m excited !! but not telling anything yet :)

Today I was painting over 100 harts: cards for "Soriptimist", an international charity-association, in which my work will also be a part of charity. I start my weekend with a warm hart and wishing all the same 2 you!


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