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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An "Under the surface exhibition" (45-years existing of our art-association) and our visitor Clara

Since almost 2 weeks ago, the exhibition "Under the surface" in Veturitalli (Museum) in Salo is running. 
The exhibition was curated by Otso Kantokorpi

The opening was very crowded and lots of different reactions on different works. Personally I think it is a good selection , working as a total and gives a diversion of the association. There s a certain fragility, also humour in the works, and mostly honest personal works without to havy statements.

I vistited the exhibition with my 5 year old after, and he jumped excited from one work to the other, new sensations all the time and lots of stories, and he felt like dancing ! Heads filled with applejuice, round forms and waving wings, leaves to crowl under, and funny drawings, a car drowning, teatre-chairs, a large tree (can I lay down on it?) "THIS WAS GOOD"
Best critics these 5 year olds!

The exhibition runs until 2.6, welcome!

Then something about Clara the owl, who visits illustrators and collects their thoughts/drawings/
sketches about the experiences they have with 
here for a few days. It s fun, a light experience and at 
the same time nice to see some doodles/website of other
 artist I would other wise not have run in to.
Clara s site:

A nice and sunny day from Finland