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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Al the advantages you can get for christmas:

Below I have listed for you all the discounts for christmas:

-through my etsy shop: Calendar for only 12 euro + sending costs
-original illustrations for very nice prices
-the number of members in my Fb group got up to 398 already, if 2 more people join, I will do a give away (1 original) before christmas to a random member.
-a special discount code for 5% off to apply to anything available in the shop:
use as a coupon code: CHRISTMAS1

Christmas-markets on which I will be present and will be some special prices:
-in Somero ruokavamesu
-in Salossa: Rikalanmäki joulumyyjaiset

Further you will find my products:
In Somero:
-Justiina (somerniemi marketplace)

Toinen Keksi
Design Hill


New will be some surprises in coorperation with the Finish designer Somis (famous for here lovely curtains in Toinen Keksi cafee :)

In creating the products is as much as possible kept in mind recycling as well as ecology.

A warm coming up christmasperiod to everyone!


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