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Friday, July 11, 2014

A little bit of news

The sun is shinning and soon I will get visitors from the airport. This means a holiday feeling for me as well :)

Before this, I quickly write about some things going on now. 
I started as a part of the lovely weeks site: a beautiful web shop supporting sustainable living.
Have a look:

This last month I have been working on a new little theatre-project. The idea is a mini/paper theatre together with artist Pauliina Veslinn. I m not revealing to much yet, but it is fun , refreshing and a whole other freedom to illustrate and working together and I have been enjoying it very much.

Time has also been flying ending my work project in the elderly house, which hopefully we continue in autumn. This month there where some workshops on festivals and our performance "Nurinpäin" (Inside out) has also been performed a few times more.

Last but not least, my illustration-exhibition "World-travellers" is running in Design Hill in Halikko, until the end of the month. Welcome!!!

Remember to enjoy the summer, wether it is raining or hot !

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