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Monday, September 2, 2013


The last half year I have been involved in a project, intending to find different ways of collaboration between artist and elderlyhouses/care. At was partly education/workshops to get in contact with this world in particular,
and partly each artist would create an own project.

As a visual artist, for my part, we decided I would create an object wich would function as an idea-and senses-box for nurces/ the elderly and possibly their relatives to daily use or as a part of recreation. The name is "Coffeecup-world" and is centered around communication , past, present, future, and also stimulating our all our sences.

The box is created in a way that it could be commercionalised, in case a publisher would be interested to reproduce the boxes.
Otherwise, for now, it is a box, mainly build of recycling materials/partly print on canvas, and would be possible to order the box handmade for your elderlyhouse.

On friday I presented and handed over the box to the lovely local, very homy, elderlyhouse.
It was exciting and also refreshing, because I could finaly reflect my idea s for good and bad, wich will be usefull in case I will build more boxes. So for now it s a part of Somerniemi, in week 40 it will be exhibited in the library of Salo, among other projects, welcome to have a look!

Lots of sunshine to all!


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