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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Silence after the storm

Yesterday it was very stormy weather although not as intense as in Denmark, Sweden...at least not here. When I look outside the window, it s amazingly quite.
Tree s don't move, no leaves falling anymore, no animals (the dog is flat out on the sofa, something to do with yesterdays stormy mood she had) and I just cached that one mouse that sneaked into my car (I hope)
Soon kids come home and everything moves again, but not yet....So yes, that silence.

Sometimes it frightens me a little bit. People ask, don t you get scared, or lonely living in the middle of the forrest. Well, maybe sometimes, just for a second, but the power and the goodness, the beauty of nature in all forms takes it away very quickly. 
Nowadays it s also so easy to contact someone: phone, Skype, e-mail... And taking the car on the country side is much less of a job then getting from one side of the town to the other, to meet a friend.

I have to say, today is such a day that I actually feel the silence. But most of the time, it just goes by. Time goes fast by working, planning family life, getting housework done, helping kids with homework, self-invented projects... taking care, driving towards social life...just by all the things that life includes.
                                         This balance suits me perfectly.

I will travel towards Belgium for a few days missing my family already. And will be at the book-fair on friday, signing my little book "Een potje vol STORM" at the department of Clavis(212). 
I ll dive straight into that crowded world of books, and hope to meet someone, or maybe find that special book...

Next week will be the end of an other project in the elderly house of Oinasjärvi, as I start to know the people a bit more there, I realise I ll miss them, even as they might not remember me :)
Some more pictures:


After that we start these darker months with some brighter program (in schools) and hopefully room for new idea s... ohyeah, and christmas is coming of course <3


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