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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas spirit

Afternoon sun is shining into the room, soon (15.30) she will go under, and the long dark evening begins. Tonight although, will be filled with warm candle lights and songs , as we ll go to church to listen to my sons/and classmates christmassongs. It will be the last time we ll go to a pre-school christmas-event...

I notice that in this time of the year I tempt to read more newsarticles as at other times. I remember, when I was small, my father used to encourage me to listen/watch news: so I would know "what happens in the world".
I have been fighting this for quite a while as it just feeled to much. But the last years I seem to catch up, and read, think about the world around me much more. I think one reason is the fact that our children are growing up, and it feels like a good idea to have a glimps of what happens in the world. Also I realise there s noting more important in our lives than to feel connected. to something, someone, somewhere...

On days, sensitive as this, I feel wisely attracted to positive headers, and luckely they are there to be found!
There is so much warm news around, and espesially in this time of the year, probably difficult for many people /families, it warms my hart to read about how giving people are and I feel like screaming "share this feeling if you feel it too"

Wishing you all a warm christmasmonth ahead!


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