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Monday, February 23, 2015

Floating towards new things

I  just took a look and realise I haven t been writing on my blog for ages.
Last year was a very moving and somehow confusing year for me, as a person, and with that, also as an artist. 
But it is now that I start to realise that again it was just a part of the process, breaking old habits and patterns, and slowly building new ones towards new possibilities.

At the moment I feel like life is full of possibilities, and a lot of open questions are slowly getting answered, or at least getting direction. Now it s up to me to make something of it.

There for one, is the library-project I have been working on the last month, which now got to the printing phase. More about that after a while. :)

Soon I will start a new illustration project with Otava publishing, looking forward to it very much.

Our table theatre is almost ready, still we hope for some more fundings to get the stage in it s final form. Once we get that forward, we will be starting in springtime, beginning summer to do some performances. 
I have to say, it became a nice symbiotic mixture of a simple but dear story, an amazingly inspiring sound-world by Ramo Teder using anything around, and Pauliina (Veslinn) who s the talented guide of the paper-dolls. 
We did a test run with some smaller children and also with 1-2 graders. The age 2-8 seems perfect!

On top of  all that, we ll travel to London with Piia Lehti and Jaana Houessou to be part of the parallax art fair this week. Exciting! 

Anyway, I don t see myself getting bored before summer!
ow, spring is actually already in the air, so that will be soon…

** Keanne **

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