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Monday, January 16, 2012

A new year

Last year ended with a big Storm in Scandinavia, many trees went to the ground, nature used it s strength ,and many of us where without electricity/phone/internet for about more or less than a week. It complicated so many things we are used to see as normal.
It made think: Such a strength which comes over you, and all the human safety systems can t beat this. It comes as hard as it comes and you have to wait, be on guard. With, this time, only nature showing it s strength in the form of strong wind, I try to imagine how it is to confront nature in the form of earthquakes and tsunamis. We are so small. Only a small part of our brain is really active, and sometimes I wonder how things would be if the other parts would be more active, if we would develop in other directions, with different priorities completely.
Somehow it feels like we are stuck in this stream we created: we can be pro nature, less materialistic, develop new directions in the way of living, in education, to give the ones after us a change to survive on their own terms, but still, we can t do otherwise then start from where we are now.
There lays a challenge in front of us. Maybe the question is how do we start to change: do we see it as a fight against nature, or are we ready to see nature inside of us and to learn from it by embracing it.

Now we finaly enjoy winter here :)

Happy new year to all of you !

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