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Monday, March 5, 2012

A haert for everyone

Introducing a little side project. Lately I have been feeling so much sadness around, maybe it s my age, the situations where people end up in, maybe it s just part of the cycle, or maybe it is so, that to many people, youngsters, kids, are confronted with unnecessary pain, and to little love. The connection between hands, hart and head seem to be lost in all the mediums nowadays, and altought we might seem to progress on some parts, we clearly start to miss out on some others.
Therefore I started this little haert project, the idea to make many over a period of time, we ll see, no connected projects yet, but idea s are welcome...

at the moment it seems a project connecting both illustrational work and diaryfragments, so I post it here as well:

A heartfelt day to everyone!

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