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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hymykuoppa: an EU project ended

about 2 weeks ago our project Hymykuoppa officially ended by a conference/workshops.
A book has been created about the whole project, an other beautiful book related to us artist directly. Now we are left with our products, which we created during the last 3 years.

Our end product is a program we developed with SI therapist Sirpa Kauranen; it was wonderfull to work with her! We developed a package consisting a series of 12x sesions per group, working with children wich are confronted with minor difficulties in day cares. The idea is to also spot and support these children, so the possible problems don t unnecessary enlarge itself in time.
An other part of my end product , as an artist and supported by knowledge I gained through working with Sirpa, is a "Suitcase full of idea s" called" To be seen".
The substance is meant to stimulated different senses and invite to move in a non competitive, but creative way. At the same time to invite to work with lost materials as well as challenging adults to create on children's level and from their point of view. This suitcase is accompanied with a pdf containing my points of view as an artistic person and also idea-cards and steps to create your own idea-suitcase, -cupboard, -wall with the children in your group.'

"Elämysmatkalaukku varhaiskasvatukseen

In autumn this suitcase will be for rent for reasonable fees, hopefully developing to something new!

The sun is shining!

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