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Sunday, February 14, 2016

From me to you and from young to old.

Ah, how to start this blog. I haven t been writing here for about half year now. 
Overall, the past year has been very moving: changes in process, some losses, and at the same time a lot of new projects. 

One of the projects that I loved was/is the "Never Never Land "project. I had the chance to develop this by the support of Taike.

It s an interactive project involving me, in my workspace behind my drawing table, as well as an exhibition, untill workshops ending up again as exhibitions.
You find all about the project so far, on this page:

The other project consuming most of my time, was the illustration of the teaching material named "Heart". It was a totaly new experience to work that applied, but nevertheless, a very fulfilling one. I feel like I stepped out of my comfort zone properly, and it make my challenge my technique, my way of working in general, and also how to work in such a diversed group. I m very thankful for this oppertunity, and the people involved are troughly lovely and very professional, each of them!
The project will continue at least still this year.

Also I got the chance to continue the library projects I started in the beginning of 2015. We created, together with Hanna van der Steen, an ABC system+ picture cards to go with it. 

Soon they will be printed and being taken in use.

From the images you can order also cards and a poster:

Our table theatre "Anselmi_ the fish who could play music" has started touring since may.
You can follow it s course:

In the mean while we stated rehearsing a new play "From black and white", meant to tour in elderly houses accompanied with a childrens audience.
The project started with workshops, to gather idea s and information. After that we started playing with the given. It slowly starts to live it 's own live, and I m sure we will get the same process happening as we did with our traveling play "Inside out",  which still gets/is possible to be ordered by schools.

Production for my own line Keanne • Illustration has been a bit calm this past half year, as other things took my energy. But still I m proud of the little book we created with Minttu:


Well, this sums up the past half year in bigger lines.
Thanksto all who risk to be involved with me as an artist ;)
I experience that part of my work as the most fulfilling.


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